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Rapid Model Building For Better Decisions During Uncertainty

About The Demo

This session will demonstrate how the combination of intuitive modeling and visualization tools in AIMMS enable you to easily test new approaches on the fly. You can go from idea to a prototype quickly and iterate with end-users, leading to higher adoption and satisfaction and significant value for your organization. 

In 25 minutes, we will use a classic transportation optimization problem to demonstrate how easy it is to go from a problem statement to an interactive application you can share with peers and end users. 

  • See how simple it is to model sets, parameters, variables and constraints that defines your mathematical formulation 
  • Experience how easy it is to fill your model with data (and change it) 
  • Discover how the AIMMS IDE allows you to analyze a model and helps improve effective building and testing  
  • Learn how an interactive web application can be built on top of your model  
  • Learn to deploy a model on the AIMMS Cloud and add user rights to control who can use it 
  • See how an end user runs it from their browser device (no other software needed).

There are many other tools available in AIMMS which we don’t have time to cover in this session. For instance, diagnostic tools like the math program inspector, data collaboration options using CDM, or Data Exchange features and Python service integration.  

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Gertjan de Lange

SVP and Product Owner at AIMMS