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Top 5 Barriers to Supply Chain Network Design Adoption and How to Overcome Them

About The Webinar

Want to build your internal capability, reduce costs and make better decisions? It's easier than you think. We’ve all been there. You have tough decisions to make about your network design. You may have recently had M&A activity, about to roll out a new product line or need to cut costs. You need answers to urgent network questions, but weeks go by. When you finally have the analysis, everything has changed, and it is no longer relevant.  How can you build this capability in-house and get the answers you need in a timely way?

This webinar shares research findings from Supply Chain Insights, including the top 5 obstacles that bog you down when trying to improve your network design efforts:  

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  • Poor data quality 
  • Lack of skilled resources 
  • Don’t have the right tools/tools are too complex or expensive
  • Lengthy time to plan/execute 
  • Lack of upper management support

Paul and Brian discuss how to tackle these obstacles, outline steps you can take to begin the journey and share examples of how running what-if scenarios can help you get the answers you need more quickly.

Paul van Nierop

Supply Chain Planning Specialist at AIMMS 

Paul has more than two decades of experience in supply chain planning solutions, leading many successful implementations for global clients. He is an expert in network design and optimization.

Brian Dooley

Director SC Navigator at AIMMS 

Brian is a demand-driven thought leader with more than two decades of experience in supply chain management and optimization. Prior to joining AIMMS, he was head of Supply Chain Design at British Telecom (BT). 

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